MiniRaceWing Kit - FPV Race Wing

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The MiniRaceWing is discontinued. It's... more
MiniRaceWing Kit - FPV Race Wing

The MiniRaceWing is discontinued. It's succesor is the FLYBOT -FLUX!

The MiniRaceWing provides an exceptionally exciting but also carefree flying experience.

It is the first crashresitant FPV plane that is not only easy to transport but also fast and agile and just plain fun to fly.

The special developed wing mount does not only protect the wing from damage during a crash, you can also dismount the wings in seconds for transport.

We optimized the wing for directional stability, speed and efficiency. No more worry during tight turns or landings. The MiniRaceWing will be stable in all flight attitudes at all speeds.

No matter if you fly freestyle, race or just want to have plane with you after work or on holiday, the MiniRaceWing is always the right choice.

Fly wherever you want.

A MiniRaceWing Kit includes

  • Carbon fuselage with various FPV camera mounts

  • Carbon spars for the wing

  • Molded foam wings

  • Balsa ailerons

  • Detachable winglets (made from sturdy twin-wall sheet)

  • Stainless steel screws (Torx)

  • All plastic parts

  • Rudderhorns and linkage

  • 2x Servo extension cable

  • 1x Velcro strap

  • Decals

What you need

  • RC Equipment (Transmitter, Reciever, 9g Servos min. 1,5 kg/cm)

  • FPV Equipment (optional)

  • Motor & Propeller

  • ESC (see recommended setups for max. current)

  • Batteries (see recommended setups)

Recommended Setups

Motor Battery Prop max. Amps max. Speed
DYS 2208 2600kv 3S 2200mAh 6x4 30A 100 km/h
DYS 2208 2600kv 3S 2200mAh 5,5x5,5 30A 120 km/h
Turnigy SK3 2836 1500kv 4S 1800mAh 6x6 30A 140 km/h
T-Motor F80 2200kV 3S 2200mAh 5,5x5,5 35A 130 km/h
T-Motor F80 2200kV 4S 1800mAh 5,5x5,5 40A 150 km/h
T-Motor F80 2500kV 3S 2200mAh 5,5x5,5 40A 150 km/h
T-Motor F80 2500kV 4S 1800mAh 5,5x5,5 60A 200 km/h


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Technical information
Wing span: 100cm
Length: 35cm - 40cm
Take of weight: 500g - 800g
Weight: 250g
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